Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Singapore: Chinese Garden & Discovery Centre

Plans for Friday were to go to Chinese Garden and Discovery Centre. Again I left the house later than planned but it wasn’t because I woke up late. It was coz the bathroom was in use and I did not calculate the time I needed for breakfast. Stupid huh? I was supposed to reach Chinese Garden at 9.45AM but at that time I was only leaving the house.

Because I was late the Chinese Garden visit had to be cut short. The Chinese part of the garden was nice but the Japanese part was, well, a little boring. Maybe that’s why many places only referred to it as Chinese Garden although it is supposed to be Chinese and Japanese Garden.

Cheng Ho

Climbing up the pagoda.

It felt like I was climbing Rapunzel’s tower and I lost count of how many levels I’ve climbed. When I reached the top I did find Singapore’s own Rapunzel and her prince sitting there blocking part of the path, flirting like it’s nobody’s business. Ok so maybe it’s not our business.

View from the top:

Bonsai Garden
The website said you have to pay for it but when I went there nobody was there to collect money. I didn't see any counters there too.

I missed the twin pagoda but I hope I’ll be going back there again.

By the time I was walking around the Japanese part of the garden, it was almost noon, freaking hot, and I would be late for Discovery Centre if I don’t move soon. Unfortunately for me, the path in Japanese Garden was long, winding, boring, and “shadeless”. So maybe the fact that it’s noon is why I can’t find shade. It was a torturous walk back to the entrance. I’m pretty sure I’m one shade darker now.

Luckily I was able to reach Discovery Centre in time for the SAFTI Bus tour which takes you around well, the SAFTI Military Institute. After the 20 minute ride I was back in Discovery centre to catch 2 shows, one 3D Sharks and one 2D Everest at the iWERKS theatre. You’ll have to plan your trip so that you have enough time for the movies, bus tour and the Discovery Centre. However, if you can do the Night Safari (which I will talk about in the next post), you can easily do this.

Robot that sings Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

After that I walked across to the Army Museum, still in the same grounds but on another side of the lake. The Army Museum is free and they have 2 short shows inside which is about 7-8 minutes each. One of the show is really cool. I’m not gonna spoil it for those who are planning to go there but if you really wanna know, you can

(click to show/hide)

I went into the show feeling like I was entering a haunted house because I earlier eavesdropped on another visitor who had seen the show before, saying it’s pretty scary. The girl at the reception asked if I was brave enough to watch the show as well. Psychology in effect!

How the cadet does his uniform. Almost like cooking.

It was not a bad visit. If you are planning on going you better go before lunch coz the shows take time and the place closes at 6PM.

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